Why Most White People Don't Speak Out Against Racism [Video]
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"This is my opinion on why more white people don't speak out against racism and systemic white supremacy. While my tone is inflammatory, my intentions are to foster connection and understanding between people of all colors, and I encourage anyone who is inspired by this video to join me and others in the antiracism movement. Elijah Hamilton

I love and respect Mr. Hamilton's honesty and candor on the subject of racism and white supremacy that invades this country. The quote that stood out to me: "The race problem in this country is a white problem."

Gleeful With A Dash of Schadenfreude
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The election has been over for nearly two days, but I still feel gleeful on the outcome and the increased turned out. I also feel a certain amount of schadenfreude. With all the dark money spent in Super PACs and Sheldon Adelson's millions, the conservatives couldn't buy the elections and no one that Adelson supported won a seat. That's right. The guy who gave upward to $100 million (we don't know the full amount because some groups don't have disclose their donors) got 0 out of 9 candidates that he endorse elected. 

Billionaire Adelson isn't too worry about any of the money he spent not yielding results. He's said it was simply:

“Paying bills,” Mr. Adelson said on Tuesday night when asked by a Norwegian reporter how he thought his donations had been spent. “That’s how you spend money. Either that or become a Jewish husband — you spend a lot of money.”

That's good to know.

Ladies' Night
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Oh yes it's ladies night
And the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night
Oh what a night
- Ladies' Night by Kool & The Gang

Still coming down from the historic wins from Election 2012. I'm happy and grateful to the the people who had to endure long lines like in Ohio and Florida but stuck it out to vote to re-elect President Obama. I think it's great the U.S. Senate will have more women senators in history (20) with the wins by Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin (first openly gay senator), and Mazie Hirono (first Asian American senator). Also, I like that the people sent a message  to the Tea Pary by voting out Allen West (R-FL). Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won by a tight margin but hopefully, she'll get the message that we're tired of her batshit crazy nonsense . As a nation, we are better off without people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock's serves to the country so their losses were a relief. 

For now, we are two party nation basically (I do know there're more). The country needs ideas and leadership from both parties to get matters done. I really hope the Republicans rethink their policies and stop acting like it's the 50's. They talk about being a party of lesser government but make laws to limit women rights and vote against Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. If they keep this up, the 2014 midterm will be even worst for them.

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